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Image showing a woman with a vacuum suction cup placed over her vagina being pumped up.


Female Pumping: How to

Female Pumping, explore this sexual practice to its fullest and enjoy how female genitals change in size and shape with the use of vacuum pressure when applied over the female sex organs. Join us as we explore all types of female pumping, including genital areas and non-genital pumping areas including breasts, nipples and other sensitive parts of the female body. Experience the changes and sensations felt when vacuum pumping and learn more the practice of female pumping. This female pumping wiki is open to any person who wants to write articles, provide photos and share experiences about female pumping. All we ask is to keep the wiki clean and not spam it with irrelevant information. It can be a useful area for women who wish to start vacuum pumping their genitals and for everyone to learn more about the sexual practice of female pumping.

What do you want to pump up?

The practice of female pumping involves various types of vacuum pumping, from pumping the female genitalia, including the entire vulva, clitoris, labia and anus. As well as non-genital regions, such as the breasts, nipples and other areas of the body that are sensitive to the touch. If you are interested in starting to vacuum pump, you can start exploring which pumping activities might be right for you. All you need is the proper equipment to get started and be open-minded about the practice. There will be swelling involved, strange sensations at first as well as sexual pleasure. It varies between women and what they feel as well as what area they like to have pumped up.


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